Friday, June 22, 2007

Ok, but its not my fault!

So I started another star baby blanket last night. I knew the baby was coming but had no clue if it was a boy or girl or when the baby was due. Evan was born on 6/11 to Travis' friend Ginger and her boyfriend Dustin. They sent pics and boy is he a cutie! If Evan were an Eva I could just give them the one I started for otherTracy, but pink and purple just wont do for a boy! So, I started with the white and I'll work on the white/blue today at lunch but I need to get more blue. And I need to boogie. NOT my fault that I couldnt start sooner because I didnt want it to not be the right colors... and NOT my fault that he was born on the 11th since I just got the email yesterday. See!

I have not finished otherTracy's blanket, but I think I have only about 3 or 3.5 rounds to go on it. I ripped out the entire angora shawl and started another one - with my own design elements... wish me luck. We'll see how it goes. Once I finish my now 2 baby blankets, I will give myself 2 weeks on the shawl and if I dont like how it's coming then I start on an afghan. I could turn out an American Flag afghan in 3 weeks if I try hard enough, so I always have a fallback. I have not done stitch one on either the sweater or sock, so thats something. Moving on.

Tomorrow I am going to Disney to lets some friends in. Then on Sunday is Jake's birthday party. His Star Wars birthday party. With him being 6 and all we figured it was time to stop making his birthdays just another reason to hang out with our friends and actually invite some people his own age. So, We will have more than 10 people under 15... so it should be interesting.

I cannot begin to describe how grown up I feel right now. It's very strange indeed.

I didnt take any pics last night, so you're out of luck on that front. I am trying to ignore the little voice in the back saying "Hey, what about the blackmail video of you doing virtual reality sword fighting?". Have a nice weekend.

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