Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm knitting right along on some test socks. They have lady bugs on them. Squee!

I think I need to wait to show them off, but when I do I'll point you in the right direction to get the pattern so you can make me some too, er make your own! I'm making them in some more of my hand dyed Mom's Sweater Yarn (green) because that's what I have. I'm sick of the yarn, but it's what I have. Anywho, I am SO going to make another pair once I get my mits on some red or pink or some combo thereof. I love lady bugs and these are just Too. Cool.

Speaking of Too. Cool... for school - Jake started 3rd grade. Here he is with his cheesy brother. Sean is literally saying "cheeeeeeeeeeeese" and holding it until the flash goes off. Too funny.

So far so good with school. "It's easy" he says.

Busy weekend - tomorrow headed to my Mom's for a doggie birthday party (who knew?), Sunday shopping and cooking with my MIL. I gotta make bread sometime in there, probably tonight. That's it for me, have a great weekend. Stay safe.

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