Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Aggrivation says "Rippit"

I've been working on the Brainless socks pretty steadily since finishing my June socks and I really do like them. However. I was noticing that the 2nd sock seemed to be a wee bit bigger than the 1st sock. And by a wee bit I mean like an inch in length and probably that much in width. Uh oh. I look at Travis and look down at my 3/4 done sock and tell him that I have a problem.

"Did you try it on?" he asks. Well no, I didn't but really that is a clever thing to do before I think any more about frogging half a sock and crying about it. I tried it on.

It's too big.

Lengthwise it would really be ok but it's the around part that is the problem. I see my error too. I added an extra cable set (6 rows of knitting) before starting the gusset (the part where it gets big enough to accommodate your heel) and my gusset was EXTRA big because I apparently can't count to 22.

Just. So. Aggravating.

So. Last night while watching the Closer, I ripped out half a sock while I should have been knitting. No tears were shed and that is a miracle in itself. I had lunch at my desk today and it took me forever to eat my Cuban so no knitting was done. Tonight I've got Deadliest Catch I think so there will be some good knitting time.

Anyway... moving on. My arm is feeling a little bit better since I messed it up again on Sunday. I spent yesterday at home nursing it and doing some long-neglected house cleaning.

That's it for me. I hope your night was better.

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