Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not much. How about you?

I've not even gotten close to being where I was when I had to rip out a bunch of sock and re-do it. I expect to finish the gusset/heel flap today at lunch, so that will be good. I've actually been reading a lot more than knitting, crocheting or quilting and that is not a good thing since the quilt top for Convention that I messed up a while ago is not fixing itself and I leave in 3 weeks. I did buy the clear thread though, now I just need some alone time to work on it, therein lies the problem.

I have really noticed lately how spurty of a person I am. Of course I've been a crocheter "full time" or "for real" for about 11 or 12 years (although I learned about 29 years ago)and crochet has not really gone away for any length of time during that period. I learned to knit what, 5 years ago maybe? 4? And now that is just as natural for me as crocheting, so I don't really count that as a spurt. However, I have tried decorating cakes, scrap booking, beading, One Stroke Painting, sewing (as in clothes and stuff), quilting most recently and they haven't really stuck like that crochet/knit has. Travis gets so frustrated with me when I start a new hobby since he is pretty certain (rightly so) that it will only last a little while then I'll have all this stuff and money spent and do nothing with it. Now add to it reading. Now, in my defense I've always been a reader - such a great defense mechanism - but I'll go years without cracking a book and in the last 4 months I've probably devoured 2 dozen (including the Twilight ones and most of those are HUGE). All I have to say is that Thank Goodness for the library and their wonderful Online Catalog and phone calls when your held books are in. It's like shopping online for books but not having to spend any money!

Anywho... How about a project list. A project list with ALL crafts? Hang on, here we go:
Testing some goodies for websites unmentioned
Cliffy's afghan that has wallowed in the corner of my living room for 2 years now.
Fitted sweater for me that I played with for about half hour then put aside with really good intentions.

Brainless socks are currently in my project bag and are about half done with the 2nd sock.
Blue/White socks - I apparently started these on the cruise 2 years ago and have completed 1 sock. I am not sure were the yarn is to finish the 2nd one. Whoopsy.
Sheldon - I LOVE the idea of Sheldon. I've finished his body but every time I try to work on his shell I get frustrated and quit because it's not an easy thing. So currently Sheldon is homeless/nekkid.

Convention quilt - I've finished the top and when I washed it (which I should have done BEFORE quilting) I had seams come out. I need to fix the seams (I am thinking of "under-patches" with clear thread... no clue if it'll work - I'm winging it) then do the quilting. I have the backing done and I think the edging cut but don't quote me on that.
Bridget & Amer's Wedding Quilt - I have gotten exactly 0% done on this but I have bought the pattern/templates AND the fabric. I cannot wait to work on this since it is real actual quilting (it's a kaleidescope design that is awesome!) I just need to get my arse in gear and do it. It's due in time for their wedding 12/20. 4 months, 9 days. I will not even look at it until after Convention is done. Sneak in there some Christmas knitting and I'll be in trouble.

I really owe my Aunts Sue & Lorraine some market bags. I had intended to make some for them at Christmas time but didn't. See how terrible a niece I am? They're gonna come, I swear. Just maybe for this Christmas? sigh.

And that is it. I think. I have to make these lists, just to keep me honest. It's rather depressing, really.

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