Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wow, I've been missing!

Sorry about that! I have a bunch of pics to show, and some cool news. Today I send off my package to the mag with my Purse pattern and a proposal for the Sweet Summertime top. Yay!
Yesterday I got an email from a yarnshop in OH asking to use my Skull Cap pattern for a class. Yay! Now I need to put it all together and get it up on Ravelry for sale, since right now it's just the chart.
I finished my Grandmother's socks in time by the skin of my teeth. I also finished Mom's mitts although it was done at her house. AND one is bigger than the other. Whoopsy!
I finished my Zoom Zoom socks for me and although I love the pattern, I am not happy that my socks took a spin in the dryer and are now kinda fuzzy. Thank goodness they are superwash and washable but still - not as pretty as the before.
Aside from the Sweet Summertime I just sent off, I have the makings of an afghan in my head - I need to get it out and to the testers but that would require me stepping away from the library books for more that 7 seconds. I swear, it's like an addiction. A FREE addiction, but still.
I have started "Sheldon's" shell twice and frogged it both times - it's harder than I thought and I need to not be watching tv while doing it. So, it shall sit by itself in a project bag and wait until I am bored/brave/tv-free.

Ok, now for pics. Here are Zoom Zoom (in green), Grandma's socks (the done brown ones), my current sock project (called Meida's Socks by Nancy Bush - they are the not done brown ones)which is using the leftovers of Grandma's sock yarn and Mom's Mitts (uh, the mitts).

Jake and Nana's birthdays. My boy on his 8th birthday, showing off the geode he picked and cracked open by himself at T-Rex at Downtown Disney, his new golf clubs, Sean trying to golf and Nana's socks.

Had enough? Thought so. More another day. Hopefully soon I'll have awesome news about my afghan project. Have a great 4th!

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