Monday, July 06, 2009

Busy weekend

I hope that you all had a nice Holiday weekend! Mine was long and productive but tiring. Friday I had the day off with both kids and we went with my MIL to the base to do some shopping. Nice to have a full pantry and not put the dough out for it! Then in the afternoon I put up the Pirate Skull Cap (buy now) pattern for sale and have had 1 sale so far - yay! I also worked on making Stacy's birthday present:

These are Drew's Wine Glass flip flops - they are coasters that "attach" to the wine glasses with the flip flop part. Too cute, and quick and she liked them... especially since they were attached to a bottle of wine.

Saturday I made some cookies and a new spinach dip (I'll share the recipe later) and headed over to the in-laws place. It was a nice time celebrating the holiday and Stacy's b-day with our family and hers. The kids had a blast playing in the pool! I worked on my Meida a little bit and I am almost to the toe. Ok, well I thought I was at the toe but realized (too late) that I had one more repeat to go and I will be tinking a bit before I move on at lunch today. Also on Saturday I sent out Sweet Summertime to the testers (go me for being ahead of schedule).

Sunday I started working on my Quilty Pinwheel Babyghan. I've gotten one block done and I've started on number two. I'm creating a new way to attach it so there is no seaming. So far so good, but I haven't gotten to the fiddly bit yet - we'll see how happy I am about it then!

See.... lots of progress! In today's mail I've gotten my Knitpicks order of bare yarn that is begging to be Cherry Limeade (a lovely blend of red/pink/bright green) and I cannot wait to get to dyeing it! However, I am holding off a little bit since I'm expecting a Vegetable dyeing book from the library any day now. Wouldn't that be cool! We'll see how it goes. This sock yarn is a superwash merino wool/silk blend and it's really nice. I hope it washes better than the last one which was all superwash wool. We'll see.

That's it from me, have a great day!

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