Friday, July 17, 2009


I wanted to show off some pics - yarn I dyed, yarn I got as a gift, all sorts of good stuff.

I dyed 2 skeins of yarn. One is a natural cotton that I dyed with Rit in a dark forest green. I swear that was only in the dye for like 20 seconds and it's is VERY dark! The 2nd skein is sock yarn that is a blend of Merino wool and silk. I did not notice the lack of "superwash" when I bought it so I am afraid to knit it into socks... Whoopsy! (Pics show the yarn drying in the shower stall, then skeined up to look pretty.)(Also, these pics are a little washed out with flash and these are actually a little darker in color than it looks like.)

And finally my gift yarn. My mom went to visit TN a couple weeks ago and I advised her of the not-quite-well-known little tidbit that yarn makes a fanTAStic souvenir! She took the bait and I scored some sock yarn. She can go out of town Any time she wants!

That's really it. I've still got Sweet Summertime out for testing and I still have only sold 1 hat pattern. No word yet on if the mag wants the Sweet Summertime pattern. I am still working on the quilty afghan pattern. I've got it about 70% done. I love how it's coming out and writing it is a little easier than I expceted since I am making up connecting stitches as I go. Funky. But, all in the name of no-seaming.

Have a great weekend kids!

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