Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goings on

Last month, my 8 yr old was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. This is something we've suspected for over a year, but finally took him to the neurologist to have it confirmed. He's had bloodwork, and today we take him for an eeg. These tests do not diagnose TS (nothing does), but it rules out Epilepsy and other problems. The Neuro says it's mild enough not to need meds at this point and we have a follow up in 5 more months. We'll see how he does in school and go from there, that will be the basis of our decision. I have been doing so much research trying to be knowledgable, and I ok with all this, since he is really ok. There are so many out there with really bad symptoms and it makes me grateful that Jake's case is mild.

Anywho... I finished my 2nd sock of my 2nd pair of June socks - "Meida's Socks". I'll post a pic later but I am just so happy to have it done in time. The suck thing is that they are too small for me so I need to find them a home. My mom might be able to fit them since her feet are a little smaller than mine, otherwise I'll have to keep hunting for a size 6! Now I'm back to finishing Brainless and I'm almost done with the heel, then on to the leg.

My arm is doing ok, still sore and pretty bruised but somewhat functioning. I still keep it in the sling most of the time. Let me tell you it's really building up the stregnth in my right arm - I seem to do everything with it! Picking up Sean with only my right arm is difficult and boy is that kid heavy! He's only about 30lbs but that's a very wiggly 30lbs!

That's really it for me, I'll try to post a pic of the finished socks later today.

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