Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nothing puts a damper on life like...

A broken arm.

I went skating with Jake on Tuesday and after I went about 2 feet I fell on my butt. Hard. I also braced my fall with my palm. This had 2 effects: bruising the ribs where my elbow rammed into my torso and causing a "radial head fracture" which is a little break of the fat part of my forearm bone that goes into my elbow. The bad news? It hurts, and so do many of it's friends (my hips, backside, ribs, shoulders) but the good news is that they this is one of the few fractures they don't put in a cast.

So. My sock knitting has slowed to a walk and I only have 7 days to finish that 2nd sock! (I am half done with the heel and it's going somewhat quickly.)

Notice: No 8 yr olds were harmed in the "Great Skating Incident of 2009".

In another nice turn of events, I found an old friend from my childhood on facebook. I love that site! Anywho, we were friends from like 5 yrs old until she moved when were about 12 in 1987. Crazy stuff on these innerets, I tell ya!

That's really it over here. How are you?

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