Monday, June 22, 2009

More done, however.

I finished Mom's Mitts, and I have pics of those and Grandma's socks and Jake's b-day. I was going to show you these pics. However, I apparently have misplaced my camera. I probably left it at my Moms (which is the last place I remember taking pics) or it fell out of my purse at home or in the car (note to self: check the car). Urg. If it is at Mom's I wont get it for a couple weeks. Maybe she can get the pics off my memory card? I also have to remember to post Jake's 8 year old picture. Hmm.

Today we were supposed to go to lunch for a co-workers birthday (12 days late)but she's out sick. Normally I wouldn't care, and I did have some lunches in the freezer so it's not a big deal but I didn't bring anything yarn related to work on. I have 2 2nd socks in progress, both with only a few inches left on the foot. So I am thisclose to having 2 whole pairs of socks. Oh well. Guess my hands will be idle during All My Children. They can use a rest I suppose, since they are protesting from the abuse they suffered during the rush to finish Grandma's socks.

That's really kinda it.

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