Friday, August 01, 2008

Quilting is hard.

I just thought I'd throw that out there. Here is my block. It is together and being quilted. The backing that you dont see is the tan fabric and the edging will be the red. I am doing this completly by hand and learning a very VERY valuable lesson. Dont hand quilt. It takes for FREAKIN ever and is not the prettiest thing. I was doing pretty good with keeping my stitches even when I was piecing it together, but now they are horrible! It's a lot harder to be even when you have to go through the whole sandwich than just two pieces of fabric.

However, I did win 5 green fabrics from ebay for cheap. NO clue what I'll do with them, but probably something quilted. The book has a runner in it for the next project, looks like it might be green.

Still on my plate in order of finishing:
American Flag Afghan - stars are all together and ends woven in. I need to crochet the border (after I see if I have more blue in stash, if not I need to buy some). I realized that I cant read and had to frog the 1.5 short rows I had done and have only re-crocheted 1 of them. I make that 6 down, 7 to go. Thankfully the afghan itself doesnt have a border.

Cliffy afghan, Grey socks, Mom's sweater, blue socks - havent touched them since the last update. All those are for Christmas. Perhaps I will get something with yarn done soon!

Also, no word yet on the summery socklets.

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