Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday on the way to Diz I worked on my quilting and made some pretty good progress until I realized that I hadn't brought scissors and got to the end of my rope, er thread. So I kept riding along actually looking at the scenery and talking to Travis - so uncommon for me! On the way back home I realized that I had another needle and set the done one aside and did up the other on and kept right on quilting. I think that I've gotten all of the inside done and only have the outside left then the border. I am still a little fuzzy on the border directions, but I'll jump that cliff when I get to it.

This morning I did the border of the star field on the flag afghan. The trip to my Mom's got called on account of weather (very crappy) so the kids and I headed to walmart before the downpour. Made good time too since it started raining abut 15 seconds before I pulled into the driveway. Sean loves when it's raining, he says "raining" and "run, run". He really likes when I run to the house, kind of like a giddyup ride I suppose.

This afternoon Sean fell asleep just before AMC so I watched that and Jake played a playstation. After AMC I laid down for a bit then Sean tried to get up twice and kept sleeping but I was done for, so I got up. I got the stuff out to start working on the bodice of my dress but as soon as I did Sean got up for real. Tonight is open house at Jake's school where we get to meet his teacher. After we get home I will work on the dress again. I didn't sign up for Ravelympics (picking projects to complete during the time of the olympics) but unofficially my goal is to finish the things I need for convention - my dress and the flag afghan. BOY would that make me feel so much better to know that I dont have to worry about such strict deadlines! After all, Convention is only 4 weeks away. Check that, 3 and a half weeks away. YIKES!!

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