Thursday, July 12, 2007

The road to weightloss

Is paved with weird food!
Today is day 9 of the 11 day diet. I've dropped 10 pounds. And it's not necessarily weird food, just strange combinations and a couple hard days. Like yesterday, for example... hard day. Yesterday, day 8, is only vegetables and salad. For all 4 meals in the day. You can have 3 Tablespoons of lo cal dressing or 1 ounce of grated cheese on your salad and vegetables. Here's what I had:
Breakfast was cucumber and tomatoes chopped up with some italian dressing.
Lunch was a salad of bibb lettuce (my new favorite), some fresh spinach, carrots, cucumber and some ranch dressing. BTW, fat free ranch sucks.
Dinner was squash & zucchini sauted with Mrs Dash, Molly McButter and a little water.
"Dessert" was carrot sticks.

Yeah, that was difficult. Today, breakfast was an orange (I could have had red & green vegetables too, but I stuck with just an orange. A big fat yummy navel orange). Lunch is Tuna Salad, dinner is chicken and cheese - my new favorite and dessert will be peach frozen yogurt.

So here's the chicken & cheese thing. We went to Cody's for dinner on like day 4 or something, and I was set for chicken and cheese. And they have this menu item - Southwestern Chicken or something like that - breast of chicken, covered with bbq sauce (an ok condiment) and pico de giao (I know thats spelled wrong, sorry. And Salsa is an ok condiment), then covered with cheddar jack cheese thats all melty. Yummmo. (after I picked out the onions). I've made it again 1 time, and will again tonight. Cool, eh? Moving on.

I was able to finish 9 butterflies and pass them on to the liasion for our group to angels for hope. They were great fun to do, really. I got to play with a bunch of different yarns that have lived in the stash... some for years! Darn sale yarns! Anywho...

I got a few rows done on the shawl, and I'm down to the gusset on the sock. I am really loving the baby cable pattern.... but I think I've mentioned that before.

That's all for now.

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