Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Independence Day

A quick prayer request before we get started... my friend Damarys got a nephew last week. Today he had to have surgery. My understanding is that the nerves that go from his brain to the bottom half of his colon are not fully formed, so he is not able to poop. His tract is full so he's not able to eat anything. They started surgery at 9 this morning, and I havent heard anything yet except that she hasnt heard anything. They say that once this is done, that he'll have to wear a colostomy bag for 6 months to a year, but will be fine. Mom Madeline and Dad Andy are doing pretty well... Damarys is a mess. Please keep the baby - Jovanny - and the family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

Happy Birthday America! To celebrate, I vaccumed, started crazydiet and knitted. Oh, I also went to the grocery store and played gameboy with Jake and did the normal baby-related stuff with Sean. Travis edged some on the front lawn until the rain came.

The knitting netted me a few more rows on the shawl. No sock knitting yesterday. I did watch the Knitty Gritty from the other day that showed lace patterns. They showed this really cute dress at the end, but yeah, no. I'll stick to socks and sweaters thanks. But it really was pretty.

And about crazydiet - I think the hardest part was the 10 glasses of water. I was up 4 times last night just to go potty! But we'll see. It's only 11 days... I can last that long, right? Here's what yesterday's menu was: breakfast was turkey and cheese slices and baked beans. Lunch was a tuna salad with eggs and lettuce. Dinner was beercan chicken (no skin). Evening snack was peanuts. Today is fruit salad all day except dinner when I will have a deli meat sandwich (sans cheese or mayo)... good thing I like mustard! I forgot what's on the menu tomorrow, I'll let you know though.
The website says 9 pounds in 11 days. My grandfather and aunts have used it successfully, so we'll see.

That's really it for now. Have a great one.

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