Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On stuff in general...

On sock progress... I have about 2 inches to go before I start the toe. I am hoping that will be done tonight and I can start #2 tomorrow.

On othersock progress... remember, the blue one? Yeah, I've been ignoring it. I'll go back to it after this pair and the pink shawl are done.

On pink shawl progress - there hasn't been any in a while. Once this pair is done... that will be next to accomplish. I am a little worried about the lace edge, but it will be a nice test of my Mad Skilz. lol.

On postpartum depression - I should have been a little closer on the lookout since my cousin (and life-twin) had this after her second child, but I wasn't. It certainly explains a lot, but since the meds make me sick I'll keep dealing without them. At least now I know.

On the upcoming Vacay... I am so excited to see my family, it's been entirely too long! I am looking forward to the following, almost as much as seeing my fam:
fresh sweet corn
visiting the alpaca farm, and giftshop
48ish hours of car-knitting time
watching my children play with my cousin's children on Nanny's lawn the way we did
seeing Jake go in the water of the St Lawrence and freeze but love it... the way I did
watching the talent show, fireworks and rubber duck race
buying stuff at the craft/crap sale (both craft sale & yard sale)

Jovanny is doing well, is home and eating and growing and crying (a lot apparently).
Deanna is doing very well, Doc said no need for chemo or radiation, and all looks good.

Blogger is wigging out, so pics later.

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