Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pics and videos of the kids... and yarn talk

Sorry I've been neglectful. Work has been a little, um, crazy. We just finished mailing out 750 bags of microwave popcorn. It was interesting. Anyway, Saturday we went to my grandparents house, and took some video and pictures. Here ya go.

This one is Sean enjoying the fan breeze.

This is of Sean and Grandma.

And pics:

This is Jake playing his game boy. Under the table. In the dark (you cant really tell cause I used the flash, so just use your imagination).
And Sean and Grandma, the pic.

Then I saw this bumper sticker on a mobile X-ray thing, and was amused:

Sock update - I am about an inch away from starting the toe. I've ignored it the past couple days to work on the shawl.
The shawl is going well, I've got 8 inches done, and since it keeps getting smaller and smaller, it's going quicker and quicker. I have 123 stitches currently, and I decrease 2 every other row. I think I started with like 225 or something like that. Once I'm done with the triangle part, I will figure out how to adapt the lace edging to fit it. It only has a wing span of about 3.5 feet right now, and I'd like to add another 1.5 to it. I should be able to get a bunch done on it during our NY trip (which will be in 2 weeks)(2 weeks from RIGHT NOW I will be riding in the back seat of my in-laws van on my way to see my family)(Excited much? Yep!)(sorry for the parentheticals).
While I'm up there I plan to visit the alpaca farm. I'm pretty excited about that too. They have a gift shop. And NOTHING is better than a souviner of yarny goodness!
Speaking of yarny goodness... I had a little falling down when I was visiting my grandmother. She has the misfortune of living about a mile from a LYS. And just because I have sock yarn, does not mean that I dont need sock yarn! Becides... that's Christmas Presents! Of course $60 for 3 pairs of socks may be a little much. BUT I did also get a new crochet hook for crocheted socks (I have another pattern I want to try... wish me luck), and some Crystal Palace sock needles in a size I already have aluminium in(times 3 I think), but I want to try the good bamboo ones. The yarn was cool though - South East Trading Company Tofootsies - its got recycled crab and shrimp shells in it which makes it naturally antibacterial, which is really COOL. I got 2 of them at $17 a piece. Plus one of the normal brands I get in a white and red. No clue who they will be for, I'll let the sock tell me when it's done.
And speaking of Harry Potter. Oh, I wasnt? Hm. Anyway, I havent seen the movie yet, but we are looking forward to it. I just got a book called Charmed Knits - patterns based on Potter people. I've made Jake a Gryffindor bookmark, and once I find some solid color sock yarn I am SO making myself some Gryffindor socks! Because maroon and gold match everything? Cute patterns though. Sweaters, want cozies, robes, scarves, etc.
That's really it for now.

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