Monday, July 23, 2007

Houston, we have a problem

I am a sock addict. Remember when I had the little falling down at the yarn shop last week? That's kinda what started it. Then I remembered that I have a b-day coming up that I need to have a giftee for.... and what better giftee than socks, right? And then July 18th's pattern in the Knit Pattern a day calendar was the cutest sock... (Sockotta color 6670)

Look closer at the pattern... see the V's?

Cute, huh? Yeah. And pretty easy. This is from starting on Friday evening and included reading about 500 pages of Potter.

And I have now fallen in LOVE with the Crystal Palace bamboo sock needles. I was worried because I didn't like the Clover ones - too, um, sticky and not slidey enough (If you knit you understand, sorry to those that don't). I have a week to finish, wish me speedy needles!

Oh, and remember how I said that Sean was resourceful when it comes to the foot in mouth thing?

And since I promised a pic of the new curls, here you go. It's not the greatest picture, sorry!

Over the weekend, lets see, Saturday I went to Borders to get Potter and Office Depot for school stuff for Jake (I'm about 90% done). The rest of Saturday was spent going through Sean clothes that are too small, going to the in-laws, knitting on the sock and reading. Sunday was more reading, I made breakfast, went to the in-laws, went with Butch and Sean to my Grandparents place to get the "on top of the truck storage thing", and knitted there and back. More reading, until Next Food Network Star then I switched to knitting. I cant read and watch at the same time, or read and knit... but I CAN watch and knit, so we multi-task where we can, right?
That's really about it. Have a nice Monday.

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