Thursday, July 19, 2007

filing and overtime.

I dont know if I've mentioned here that I really REALLY hate to file. My "to be filed" box overfloweth, and it was time to bite bullet. I hate filing. I'm half done with getting the renewals and cancellations in alpha order, so when I go into the FileCabinetOfDoom that it's not as bad as it could be. Blah blah.

Travis is stuck with mandatory OT again for the whole month of August. Boy will that be fun! He had to send an email letting him know that we will be out of town on his days off in the beginning so they dont schedule him. Hopefully that wont be a fight. I guess I wouldnt be so upset about it if they would hire more people for his area. They have hired 6 or 7 new classes since they started his area OT, but NONE of those new classes are for there, but for the other areas that are getting sent home early every day. Perhaps this makes sense to them, but, um, hello?

Weird diet part 2 was supposed to start today, but it was storming last night and I wasnt able to make it to the store after dinner. Today I'll go, and tomorrow it will start. And Travis is starting with me, so that should be good.

Sean got to wear shoes yesterday for the 2nd time. He kept them on all day which was good. My MIL was concerned that with shoes on how could he put his feet in his mouth? Yeah, he's resourceful. I'm just glad they're clean.

I have got to find a way to reset Sean's internal alarm clock. I Do Not Love 6am. Or 4am for that matter. I do not love my baggy eye circles, I do not love my "did my hair in the dark because I can't make my eyes function with light" look (of course by "did" I mean pulled it back in the closed scrunchie I could find, and no I dont know what color it is). I am DREADing the fall time change... because then I will not love 5am. ugh. But, he's a happy baby, so it could be worse, right?

I did nothing on the shawl or the sock last night. I sat and watched Discovery channel and fed Sean until he fell asleep and the sat some more. I did get some done at lunch yesterday though, so that's progress, right? I've got what, 200 more rows to go before the lace? Yeah, Lord grant me swift needles.

I suppose I've put off filing long enough, and it's been staring at me so I better get back to it.

Something in my office smells like syrup. mmmm. syrup. Diet starts tomorrow.

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