Tuesday, May 22, 2007

sad lion and pizza pics

I finished the lion, and took a pic of Jake in it yesterday afternoon. He is VERY nervous of his play tonight, and was almost in tears as he put on his lion costume. Wait, he was fine when he put it on, but upset when I went to get my camera. Here's what it looked like:

So pathetic, but the costume looks good!

We went and got pizza and while we were waiting, we were taking pictures. Jake LOVES to take pictures. Here are some:

I started working on the shawl - I decided to do it in the angora, and Drew didnt write me back yet. Perhaps he's just behind on his famous guy emails? And since I had bought the yarn for the shawl already at AC Moore, and it is in a vanilla color, that will now be Mom's not-secret sweater. Good plan? Of course it is.

And speaking of math, It took me 25 minutes to make sure that I had counted to 192 correctly. 25 minutes. That was quadruple checking it. No, I think I counted parts of it 5 or 6 times. And by parts, I had to split it up with 2 stitch markers - like 1-88, stitch marker, 89-105, stitch marker and 106 - 192. I pray that Jake is a better math dude than I am. Please, let Jake be a better math person than me!

Thats really it for now. I'll post pics tomorrow of the Big Night!

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