Monday, May 21, 2007

It. Is. Finished.

The Lion that is. Oh, and square #1 for Deanna's comfort ghan. You can see part of the lion and the square. Wanna? Of course you do:

Jake, as the lion, minus the shirt (I'll take a more, um, complete pic tonight):
Afghan square #1. I started #2, it's just a granny and 3/4 done. I finished this and started the other at lunch today. It's gone quick. I need to look at Drew's ( squares from his flying squares afghan to see if I can find one I can do quick. Maybe I'll ask him for his fave?

Saturday we went to Damarys' Housewarming party. I tried to take some cute Sean pics, but he really didnt want to cooperate. Here's the best I got:

fun fun.
And here is her afghan. She likes it:

Sunday I took my Mom, her friend Ann, Ann's
daughter Kylie and Kylie's friend Mariah to Animal Kingdom. I stayed for a little bit, then went to AC Moore for some yarn shopping. I found the yarn for the crack shawl I'm planning to make for the Convention, plus some sock yarn (who knew?) and some needles for the shawl and Mom's not-gonna-be-a-suprise Christmas sweater. No luck yet on the yarn for the sweater, this is what they want me to use:

which is VERY pretty, and $20 a skein. I need 4. So, I'm now on the lookout for something with nice drape that is NOT gonna make an $80 sweater. I mean, I love my mom, but not that much! Suggestions are welcomed.

Gnombert got his groove on at DAK:

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