Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My kid, the scardey cat, er lion.

Jake was a MESS when I got home. MESS!! When I started getting him dressed in his lion costume, he started crying. He. Was. Petrified. We got him to the school and he was hysterical. To the classroom and he's LITERALLY hanging on to the door frame like we were feeding him to real lions. He said this was boring, and he was dumb and a loser. Trust me, those words have never come from our mouthes! I felt so bad to leave him with his teachers. 2 of the, thats how many it took to keep him from bolting. So, when it came time for them to come out, I wasnt quite sure what to expect.
He came out, minus the mittens (which i had in my bag as a trade off to try to help), minus the mane and minus the hood. So basically he looked like he was wearing a furry tan sweatsuit. With a tail. I still felt bad for him, but I worked SO hard on it - and those were the hardest parts with that long furry hair! Here's as good a pic as my camera would allow (that's him at the mic reading):

He read really good. The rest of the time, both in costume and afterwards in his cap & gown he kept "punching" himself in the head. often. I dont have the cap & gown pics, I took those with Travis' camera, and I dont have them yet. He was so very handsome in his little suit with the clip-on tie! Too cute.
Meanwhile, My Mom and Cliff spent some quality time trying to get Sean to stick his tounge back at them when they did it to him. This is how well it worked:

I call that successful!
And this morning I saw these guys when I got to work:
On a yarn front - I finished second square for the comfortghan and I am 7 rows into the shawl. I think I've messed up my count so I'm fudging and pretending to be on row 6 and hope nobody notices the double row since I cant reliably count to 2 (its 1 row of decreases then 1 row of knit. I did 2 rows of knit. Whoops). You wont tell will you? And also, I had forgotten how much stuff flies off the angora when it's being worked with! I will try to remember to take pics of it tomorrow.

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Sandy said...

Awww such a cute lion.....even if he was a little sad. What play was it?