Friday, May 18, 2007

not what I wanted

I was talking with my Mom yesterday about Sean, and that I think he looks like me and I was happy to have a kid that looks like me... because Jake? Not so much.

She doesnt really think he looks like ME, just a combination of Travis and I. I wanted to show her pics from when I was a baby (because obviously I remember this time of my life better than my Mom?). So this morning I searched for my Engagement scrapbook - cause I did a "growing up" page of myself and Travis - for a picture. And I searched, and searched. No luck.

So, that will be my project this weekend, along with finishing the stupid lion costume, finishing Damarys' afghan (which WILL be done at lunch today), and working on my comforghan squares... all while attending Damarys' housewarming party, taking my Mom and friends to Animal Kingdom and being a mommy. Hi delusional, nice to meet ya! Wish me luck.

At least my MIL will be keeping #1, and I will be toting around #2, so thats a little less to worry about.

Speaking of impossible - I bought a new book at Borders on Wednesday. A knitting book. For $6. And I have found at least 4 things that I MUST make from it. Including a sweater for myself, a sweater for my mom (in angora)(I can say that here because she doesnt read this, just looks at the pictures)(we'll call this a test, shall we?), a sweater for Jake & a shawl for the Silent Auction at convention. The shawl is the impossible part. I THINK I will be able to work a shawl made from LACEWEIGHT yarn, I think I will be able to knit this thing. Yeah, delusional. We'll see how that works out for me. Please dont remind me of this post in 4 months when I am sitting in a corner biting my hair because I cant knit a stupid laceweight shawl and only have 4 days until convention and what the hell will I put in the auction and maybe they will want a skull hat. sigh.

That's really it for now, I will leave you with a pic of the kids that I will dig up now because I have nothing new. Both at Disney - Sean eating a blanket because thats what he loves to do and Jake working on his recipricol blogging, yet he is, sadly, blogless.

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