Monday, May 14, 2007

Fiddles on fire!

Well not really on fire, but pretty dang hot. Hehe, I said dang. This pic is NOT during Devil Went Down to Georgia, I was too busy singing, dancing and carrying on to take pics, but you get the gist:

Friday night was the Charlie Daniels Concert. Kerry and I enjoyed ourselves a lot (see how Hans TRIED to butt into our pic?):

So did this guy:

Gnombert was impressed by the beer:

And Hans' hat:

And Charlie Daniels:

Saturday I went shopping with the MIL, got a few outfits - ALL on sale for wonderful prices, and the pants were normal pants that actually fit - something that has been strangely hard to find lately. Then Sunday, of course, was Mothers Day. I got a card from Jake, who also drew me one because he said that just putting his name on Daddy's card wasnt enough (awww). I forgot to bring it or take a pic, I'll try to remember that tonight. He also gave me a potted flower (potted in an old sneaker)(yes his) that he made at school. Sean gave me a potted plant he "made" at daycare. We had bbq at the in-laws - yummo. That's really about it. I'll try to remember to take pics tonight.
That's really it for now. Dentist tomorrow morning - whoopie. I have not finished the edging on Damarys' afghan - I have one long side done and the other long side almost done... then the 2 short sides and end-weaving. I have not started my squares for the comfortghan, although Kerry gave me 2 of them at the concert. I will start on this once Damarys' ghan is done. I havent touched the sweater for me, but thats ok, its a LONG way away for sweater weather.
I am toying with the idea of applying for Deal or No Deal - I REALLY think that Howie would enjoy some quality time with my sock... that's gimicky enough, right?

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