Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sorry about that! I dont really have the time or energy now to blog either, but I wanted to post a quick hi and update. I have gotten to the round and round bit of the 2nd Convention sock. I have half way added the border of the quilt square and now only have to stitch the back down. I did a few rows on the back of Mom's Christmas sweater but made no discernable progress.

My Big Christmas Project has started taking progress. I have taken Laurie's idea of buying cloth shopping bags for her friends/family and turned it into a sewing project. I have been buying fabric for the outside and lining from the remnant areas and have quite a bit amassed so far. I started working on one - green with white dots - and have gotten it 50% done. I need to figure out what the HECK they are talking about with the handles - then stitch up the sides and bottom. Add the pocket it folds up into and viola! Multiply by like 30 and we're set! I have not done the recipient list yet but I'd like to give each 3 or 4 of them. I have a few different patterns that I am trying at first, looking for the easiest and most usable one then repeating it. No pics as of now but I will try to remember to take some.

Back to work now, have a good one.

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