Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm back

I am still alive but very VERY tired. Sean was sick and stayed home with me yesterday when I was supposed to be sleeping, whoops. Oh well!

Updates - I finished my first convention sock Sunday and started the second (pics tomorrow). I sold my American Flag afghan for $105 with an order for another that came with $100. The guy that is getting one made lost this year and the year before and I told him to just order one, it's cheaper - only $80. But he let me keep the whole $100. The downside - making another American flag afghan! SOOOO many stars. I did give him the option for something else - just in case. We'll see what he wants and I'll work it in before Christmas.

On the project list currently:
Convention sock (maybe going to my step-mom for Christmas) 1.25 done
Cliff's afghan 50% done I think, maybe less
Mom's sweater - I have some done but it's hiding just now and I dont remember how far I had gotten.
Brown socks - done done done. Yay!!!
Blue socks - 1 done, 1 to go. I forgot who they are for, but they will find a home

Is that it? I think so. After I finish this convention sock (pretty quickly) I'll start working on Mom's sweater during lunch again and Cliffy's afghan at night. Depending on my moods I'll work in Russ's commission. That's not so bad, eh? Sigh.

My dress looked great but a little, um, showy. I thought that the lace would fix the issue but no, not so much. Note to self - if I make another one it will have a higher neck!!! Pics when I get them.

That's it for now,lotsa work to do. Have a great day!

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