Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Show and tell

I have taken some pics to show off some projects. I have worked a little bit on Mom's sweater,here's what I have so far (imagine that this also shows the collar done). Of course, Mom... no peeking.

Here is the first market bag so far and the front and back of my quilted square!!! I know, my quilt corners are wonky and I dont know why that is. I guess before I take on a real quilted anything that I need to take that class. Add it to the list.

Isn't it very exciting!! I will try to only work on Mom's sweater until it's done. I also need to figure out how to work in time to make a million market bags with no time to sew? Sigh.

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~dani said...

I'm so digging the color of mom's sweater!!!! :)