Monday, July 28, 2008


I may have accidentally started to accumulate stuff for a sorta-new hobby. Completely by accident. See, we went to Tia's for lunch yesterday. MMMMM, Tia's. And across the street is the crappy USF Joann's and it's moving-therefore selling all their stuff at 40-75% off. Well! I couldn't just drive past it! I went through the yarn and needles and crochet and knit books and I got another set of size 2 dpns (because I can never have enough) and some stitch holders - not much else to be had. I also got a book called "I cant believe I'm quilting!". Then a rotary cutter, a set of fat quarters that are all matchy and a small cutting mat (which I regret because it is WAY too small, but only $3). Also 2 patterns (one for a dress that I will try to make for convention... wish me luck! and the other for Jake jammies) some thread, a magnifying glass and 2 cow tails. Well, I didn't get the magnifying glass or cow tails, Travis did, but I did Eat some cow tails, and Sean LOVED them!

I went home and read the quilt book and learned lotsa things. I still needed a cutting mat, scissors, ruler (not that kind) and needles (since I haven't decided if I want to machine quilt or hand quilt). I bought these things (plus a pair of cute sandals) at Walmart on the way to work this morning. Whoops. In my defense, quilting is like sewing, right? And sewing is NOT new. AND I did try to quilt that once, failing somewhat. I gave quilting some time to think about what it did, now I will try it again... at 40-75% off! We'll see how it works out. The book has me starting with a quilted 9-block square, like a pot holder. Tonight, I shall attempt it. (I also accidentally put a bid on eBay for some fat quarters. Shhh!)

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