Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sewing, finishing, tra la la

Hi! How are you today? I'm pretty good. Today is Stacy's birthday. I used to say she was my hopefully soon to be sister in law, but since I've been saying it for, oh, 5 years now... I just say Stacy. So... Happy Birthday Stacy!!! We love you.

Moving on. Tonight is sewing 101 and I'm pretty excited. I dont think we actually get to make anything tonight, but its really learning the basics of the machine and stitches and other such stuff. Maybe sewing 201 will involve an actual project! Its funny that I am such a novice at this but I have made a few things... a Bob the Builder costume when Jake was 1, my dining room curtains and matching living room pillowcases and a front curtain for my MIL. Let us not forget the lion and tree costume Jake used these past 2 years for school. But, really... I SUCK at it. Actually I think it's more that I am a very lazy sewer (er, sew-er?)and I dont like to do things like "match thread" or "change the bobbin". Perhaps tonight's class will change that? Hopefully it will be fun at least!

I finished up a project last night - the little footlets:

I like how they turned out, but the picture leaves a bit to be desired. I obviously didn't take a picture like that of my own feet, and the ones I did take werent great either. But you get the picture, so to speak.

That's really it for now. Nothing big and exciting except that I brought some Tia's salsa with me for a snack this afternoon and I'm positivly salivating at the thought!

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