Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grandma update

Yesterday I picked up my Aunt Lorraine from the airport on the way to the hospital. I was there from about noon until 4 and I came home utterly exhausted. I've not seen her as bad as this before, and it's quite disconserting. I am glad she was doing well last time the boys saw her because that is what they, well Jake anyway, will remember.

At 10 I'll drop the kids at the in-laws place and Travis and I will head over to the hospital again. I've got some girl banana bread (minus the nuts) in the oven which I'll take with me. Half wheat and half white flour, so it should half please everyone! On a related note to that - my mom gave me some of those green bags and she Swears by them. Me - not so good. They killed my bananas just as quick as if they were just on the counter... hence the banana bread.

I sent over the proposal for the socklets, and it was well received. I should know if they want me to send it up in the next week or so.

We are still planning on going to Epcot on Sunday to see the Hansen boys from the Northwestern. I AM THRILLED! I love Deadliest Catch, and that is the ONLY reason I will be braving the 900 degree heat. We will see them, go to Germany for a late lunch/early dinner then home.

I just realized that I havent showed you a pic of the new bird yet. Jake named him Pickles, he's cute but kinda shy and doesnt like people yet. Every time we try to hold him he tries to fly away... with clipped wings. It's really just falling but without the style that Fergus has. Poor little guy. We'll keep at him.

OK, it's starting to smell banana bread. Have a good weekend, and I'll report more if I have it. Please Lord, dont let me have it!

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