Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sean's first joke

I think I have a class clown in the making. This morning as I was getting Sean dressed I took his folded socks out of the drawer and sat them next to him. He picks it up and says "Nanna", takes a pretend bite and says "nanna mmmm. nanna mmmm!" Our other accomplishment is that he went peepee on the potty again last night before bath. We were so excited!

Today Jake gets to go to the Rays game with summer camp and he's pretty excited. He brought his glove... just in case!

Yesterday I had a site inspection, again, at the Gaylord. I like that place, it is so pretty and the people are great. If you ever need to throw a party for a million of your closest friends, they can hook you up!

I'm feeling a little better today then yesterday and the day before, a little less overwhelmed. I don't know if I will be visiting Grandma this weekend, Sat we have family pics and a birthday planned, and I will be going next weekend for my mom's Mary Kay thing. I think it will depend on how she is doing, if she starts doing worse I'll go, if not then I wont. If we don't go out there we plan to get an armoir for our tv in the living room - the Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Lodge are re-doing their rooms and all their stuff is up for sale... hopefully cheap.

No pics today, too lazy to get my camera, however you can see pics from Epcot w/ the Hansen boys and Crue fest here.

No progress on the sock yesterday, 2.5 hours of driving and no knitting, damn shame really.

Here's a quick project update:
Cliffy's afghan: Deadline Christmas: about 2.5' square. Not NEARLY big or fast enough.
Brown socks: Deadline Christmas: 1 done, 1 half done.
American Flag Afghan: Deadline 9/4/08: stars done and 80% attached. 5/13 stripes (the long ones) done. REALLY need to get a move on that!
Mom's sweater: Deadline Christmas: I don't remember how much I have done on it, the collar and half the back I think. Still needs half the back, 2 fronts and some assembly required.
Blue/white stripey socks: Deadline Christmas (I think): 1 done. They don't really have an intended recipient yet.
Damarys socks: Deadline Christmas: Exactly 0% done. They were frogged and not re-started. It's only a slight problem.
Green knitted footlets: Deadline before Summer ends so I can use them: 1 done, ribbing done on the other one. Its in my bag now and I'm ignoring it in favor of the brown socks. At least the brown socks have a recipient besides myself!

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