Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oh to be young and stupid...

I just have to say that I was a little surprised by what they were able to get away with at the Motley Crue concert. Tommy Lee (above, sitting on stage) comes out with this called a Tit E. Cam where he has a handheld camcorder and encourages all the girls he can see to show their stuff. And they did. A Lot of them did. And some of the stuff they were showing on the screens during the songs, naked/mostly naked girl on girl porn pretty much. I'm not easily offended, really. But I was just shocked that they were allowed to do all of that. BOY am I thankful that we didn't let Jake go... although there were quite a few kids there.

On a better note, I was impressed by new band Sixx AM (Nikki Sixx's new band). Not for their music, but their singer and guitarist walked through the venue a couple times right in front of us and were happy to sign autos and take pics. I got one of the singer (I was not going to fight the throng of folks to get a good one), but none of the guitarist... so I stole one off the innernets. Singer guy, guitar guy (doesn't guitar guy have BEAUTIFUL eyes?):

Also I found out that I like Papa Roach. A lot. I had heard OF them but not any of their music, it's pretty great. It was a pretty good concert, we got home at 11:30, poor Travis had to work the next day. But they were good seats, expensive t-shirt (for Jake, minus naked ladies), beer and soda. And they say Disney is expensive!

We celebrated the 4th on Saturday with bbq and Stacy's birthday party. It was a good time, and she liked the dress I, er I mean We got her.

Yesterday I met up with an old friend for lunch at Tia's. 2 hours later, Sean had enough of sitting in that high chair so we left. It was a nice time. I brought home salsa to go!

I signed up for a sewing 101 class tomorrow night. I had very good intentions to get some fabric and make myself some pants for work - simple elastic waist, straight legged. They came out ok, and I'm wearing them today. But when I tried to make the kids some pajama bottoms (with no pattern) I failed. They did fit Jake, but as soon as he sat on the floor... RRRRIIIIPPPP. Whoops. I'll try again once I learn some basics (and get a pattern). I think it will be fun.

And yesterday.... In the mail... I GOT PAID!!!!! ($ from the Crochet mag!) I am half way done with a pattern that I want to submit next week. It's a quickie but I've been hemming and hawing with it. Deadline's coming quick so I gotta get a move on.

Um, I guess that's it for now. More tomorrow.

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r0ck0nlcrss16 said...

Girl, have you never heard of Motley Crue before? If you know anything about them and what they're about, you shouldn't be surprised by what they "got away with." haha. well, I hope you enjoyed the concert overall. I'm just sad I couldn't go.

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