Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update, pictures, colapse

Grandma is home with hospice there almost around the clock. She was pretty close to normal yesterday and I have not yet gotten an update today. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts.

I have a few pics from our Epcot day (although Travis has the pics of the Northwestern guys). I told Sean to go wake Jake up in the morning, and when I went in there he was sitting on Jake's bed cross-legged saying "Jaaakkkkeeeeeeee!" over and over. Jake, as you will see, has the blanket pulled up over his head! I got the camera too late to get that pic, but gt this one:

It rained while we were at Epcot, and here is Sean weathering the storm:

I think I will sign up for the sewing class on Thursday. I got the sewing for dummies book and it just came in today. I was flipping through it and it seems like a good thing.

Yarn-related, I've been working on 2 pairs of socks, one crocheted (which I am not thrilled with) and the brown/grey/black 2nd sock. That's it. Sad really.

More later.

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