Sunday, January 20, 2008

I have survived.

Today is Sunday and my day off. Wanna guess what I'll be doing? C'mon, take a guess. Going to the RV show. Yep. Just cant stay away! EEEEw, I think somebody is stinky... brb. Alrighty... not pleasant. Anyway - moving on.
I had thought my Mom was going to meet me yesterday at the show but because we had some weather she wasn't able to. Good thing too because her "weather" was some fog and mist but by the time I left I was dripping wet from helping people out to their car in a golf cart before the nasty weather came. We had tornado watches and severe thunder storm warnings. I was out on the golf cart for about an hour and from 5 -5:45 it was fine and starting to mist a bit. By 6 it was torrential downpour and no amount of roof on my golf cart was going to save me. I had to go home and change every stitch of clothing before I went to get the kids. By the time I went to bed 3 hours later my hair was still damp. WET WET. But, some guy gave me a tip - that was funny. Sweet, and I did try to give it back but he wouldn't take it. So, since they didn't come out yesterday I asked if they wanted to come out today - when it's not rainy but nice and cool - perfect day for an outside/inside show.

I bought my niece her birthday present, I need to get it mailed out to her. I don't think she reads this but I wont mention it just in case. I also had some deep fried oreos. I did manage to give 1 away but was stuck eating the other 5 myself. Such a shame. But SOOO good.

Sean is almost a walker. He's taking 4-5 steps at a time, but only when he's aiming for something. He'll go from the table to the couch, the table to me, the couch to Mamaw but not from the table to nothing. And, he's found this "Slammer" from 100 years ago (you know, the little ball things that you throw on the ground and they say stuff) it says "OH NO" and "Help Me Help Me". He Loves it! He's also been saying "Hi". toooo cute. I will try to take some video from him walking. Oh, speaking of video, here is part 3 of his birthday cake video. When I get back to the office on Monday I'll finish uploading it to utube which takes forFREAKINever.

How about a knitting update? I started another sock. I wanted something to work on while at the show and the other sock is complicated (except that I didn't remember until just now that I'm on the round and round knitting part and not the leg - whoops) and Cliffs blanket is too big. The new sock is cute, made from Sockotta, and it will have its picture taken later, after I retrieve it from the show office where it spent the night instead of going out in the rain. It's in grey/blue/purples and the is a mock-cable rib. Oh, oh, and speaking of Cliff's blanket... guess what I got! Addi Turbos (40") long! I also got a 16" in another size for a ha pattern I saw that's kind of lacy and pretty. They came from Hong Kong via Ebay and I got them pretty reasonably. Soo. Excited!

I guess that's it for now. More pics and video tomorrow. Have a great Sunday.

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