Monday, January 28, 2008

A sock, another sock and makin money?

Hi there, how are you today? I'm doing ok. We had a nice weekend - which included the Taylor Swift concert and a visit to Grandma at the nursing home.

Here's our view from the Gallery of the Performing Arts Center:

And our view of Taylor from our seats:

As for Grandma, she is doing well and seems to like the home she's in. They have activities for her and she's been doing a lot of coloring!

I finished the SuperShow sock - an even though it doesnt look like it could fit an actual human - it fits me! So it will fit Mom just fine. Isn't it beeUteeFul:

And then in the calendar for today I found these. It's like a vicious, never ending cycle. These will NOT be next since I WILL finish the other SuperShow sock and the blue sock, but they will be after that - unless I find a nice solid sock yarn NO NO NO... They will not be next! But maybe a nice baby blue, or NONONONONO!

It's like crack, I swear! Moving on.

Please notice the new clicky links over ---->. I have started whoring out the blog for monetary gain. I've checked out these 4 e-books and they seem pretty good. I especially like the knitting and crochet one since you get a free mini-course. And I am SOOO going to get the wheel - It would be so much better for the computer to dole out some pre-determined punishments than me always trying to figure them out! Anyway, there they are. And you can make money on your OWN blog by clicking on Get Your Own! Hey, cant hurt, right? ANd I've got to earn the sock yarn money somehow!

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