Monday, January 21, 2008

Some videos & updates

As promised, here are the rest of the birthday cake videos and Mr. Stinkypants himself playing with his "new" toy. And at the end, an update on Grandma, Jovanni and yarn.

Grandma was in the hospital for a few days then headed for her new home. She looked really good and seemed in high spirits which is great. We were thrilled that she wanted to be placed in a nursing home, and this will give her a good opportunity to play bingo, have a manicure, make new friends and most importantly have nursing care round the clock. She has a roommate Cathy who just turned 97(!) and hopefully it will be nice for them to have each other to talk to. The staff is very nice and the facility itself is nice. I had to hold back tears though, not for Grandma but for some of the other residents that seemed to be alone. I hope I can figure out a way that I can visit often, and maybe adopt some of the senior orphans. Overzealous? Perhaps but isn't volunteering on my resolution list? I really should write that down somewhere becides this here blog, eh? AND, for my family - Grandma is requesting pics of each of the families. Please either send one to her or email me a jpg and I will get it printed up.

Jovanni went into the hospital last Monday to get ready for his surery. He had his surgery on Wedneday and it went well except he seemed to be in a lot of pain when he wasnt sleeping Poor little guy. They had to give him some blood because he was losing some after the surgery, and he is doing better now. I'm not sure how long he'll be in there but please remember to keep him in your prayers.

And finally - a yarn update! I brought the SuperShow sock with me today to work on at lunch, and I will take a pic of it. I turned the heel and am about to pick up the gusset so I'm about halfway done with it. I also worked on Cliffy's blanket some yesterday and it's about 18" square. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I'll try to remember tonight.

I suppose I should stop and try to find my desk. It's a little scary in here so wish me luck.

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