Monday, January 07, 2008

Sean's Brthday Party

We had Sean's birthday party on Saturday and it was very small and lots of fun. I made tacos - his favorite - and the cake that Travis and Jake made came out pretty good. I have some pics to post now, and some video, but because youtube takes forfreakinever I will need to post the rest of the video later, since I DO need to head out to the fairgrounds.

Sean's cake:

Blowing out candles:

Eating cake #1:

Eating cake #2:

The end result:

I'll try to get the rest of these videos uploaded for your viewing pleasure soon.
Tomorrow is his big day - but, Travis has work late, I have to be at the fairgrounds during the day so I cant take off, and Papaw is out of town so it will be dinner with just me, Jake, Mamaw & Sean. And very soon we'll take him to get his little hair cut - his bangs are always in his eyes!

Well thats it from me for a couple weeks - have some good times for me!

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