Monday, December 18, 2006

Some pics

As I told you we decorated the Christmas Tree last week, here's what it looked like. I'm sure you can sense the Disney theme - that's about 90% of the ornaments we own! A few stooges thrown in for good measure, and bam you have our tree!:

But, my tree is, sadly, topless.
I have no idea where my Angel is -
probably in the same bin as my
stocking. We have found Travis
and Jakes, but not mine. Oh well.

Jake's pretty excited about Christmas, see, he's dancing!

This is my newest ornament - I heart sheep!

I've got all of the shopping done, 75% of the last sweater knitted, about half the wrapping done, so I think I'm in pretty good shape. About 5 more inches to go, then the sewing up. Yay for a Florida Christmas sweater with no sleeves! Just sayin.

Here's a nice holiday pic of Gnombert to make you smile:

Babyville: Fetal Movement begins to slow a bit as the uterus begins to get full with baby. Lunar Month 10 (!), 36 weeks LMP. Sean weighs 5.78 pounds or 2622 grams and is 18.66 inches or 47.4 cm long. Doc appt tomorrow, I will let the doc know about the 2pm witching hour for contractions - every 15 minutes. No, it's not fun, but thank you for asking.

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