Friday, December 08, 2006

Today and stuff

Lets see... I finished the back of the sweater - I gave up on the real knitting when I saw that I forgot one of the areas for holes a few rows back, and I'm not brave enough to frog something. Again with another shining example of why I am NOT a real Knitter. Or even a real knitter. I am about an inch into the front of the sweater. Lets see, today is 12/8, and that leaves 17 days until Christmas. I can do it, right? Along with getting the baby's room in some kind of order and cleaning all the was-Jake's-now-will-be-Sean's crap that's in the attic. Still. Oh, and at some point I'd like to put up a Christmas tree. Lofty goals, I tell ya!

At 3 I leave for a Board meeting at the same hotel my folks have their Jet Ski business. On the way back from that I will stop my by Grandparents and deliver my Mom's Turkey Tonail soup since she is, aptly enough, going to be at the soup kitchen tonight! I just have to try to remember the soup in the freezer when I leave. It's a bigfrozenblockOsoup now. And 52 degrees and dropping outside, so I have no worries that it will be the least bit thawed out in 3 hours. It takes overnight on our kitchen counter for one of the quart things to thaw, this is a 3 quart. Yeah, no worries at all! Oh, and I got dressed up(ish) for the meeting. Here is me today!

Tomorrow, I am taking Jake Christmas shopping for his family. He usually gets gifts at the Christmas store at school but they arent doing it this year. So, it's $20 and the dollar store for him! I think that before we leave I'll have him write out a little list, so he can follow that and try to learn something about budgeting. Again with the lofty goals, I know! Then... tomorrow night is the Disney Christmas party. I am pretty excited about it, I just hope that it starts warming up just a bit since my dress is shortish and has no sleeves. BUT it is cute and was on sale for $20 at the mommy store. Yay sale! I'm wearing it with these little black velvet shoes and Gram's black (that look grey) pearl necklace. Fun fun fun. I'll show you pics on Monday.

Sunday is the craft fair in Safety Harbor. I have to meet the girls at 5:45 which will be early since I probably wont get home from the party until 11 at the earliest. But it sucks more for Tra and Kerry since Kerry's got to go from Orlandoish to Tra's house in lakeland to tampa to meet me by 5:45. Twont be carloads of happy campers, I assure you. Although I am pretty much a morning person. Tracie, not so much. I have a long list of stuff to do for this fair - I have already washed the aprons, but now they are a shrunken wrinkled mess. Next step - iron them flat, then iron on the logo that I have successfully made into backwards logos per the instructions that I didnt read the first time! (whoops!). That will get done Saturday after the shopping when I ship the kidlet off to his grandma's house for the night.

Hairstory Update: I know that I slacked on this (sorry Laurie, whom I doubt reads this, but let me dream because she's all famous even though she doesn't think so). My Mom sent me this a while ago (see, with the slacking!) and I had wanted to be able to post them individually, and I'm sure the technology would allow me to do that had I the time/energy/brain power but I dont so here it is all at once! I will try my best to tell you when each of these is from, starting from the little bitty one on the left going clockwise (click to big).
1. Jr year - 1992 (yeah, not 80's but still)
2. 9th grade dance - 1989 (that is a strapless dress from Contempo that was $109 and I thought I was all that and a big mac in that dress!
3. Probably 1984ish
4. 7th grade - 1987.
5. 8th grade - 1988
6. 88-89 - this wasnt a school pic but one we had done at like KMart. Please notice the over-accessorizing!
7. 9th grade - 1989. That was the picture taken on the same day that the first Hairstory pic I posted was taken. Notice the peace sign I told you about? See, I dont make this stuff up!

So, that's my hairstory - I wish I had some more from 7th/8th/9th - which involved a large amount of hairspray, and my very own Sun-In incident! Scary times, I tell ya! Moving on.
Babyville: The rapid flow of blood through the umbilical cord keeps it taut, preventing tangles.

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