Sunday, December 17, 2006

A little cosmic balance, Puleeze

Ok, so I think the world is out to get me, or if not, REALLY get TO me. Let's go back a little in order to go forward, shall we?

I and my crochet friends have decided (in the "when I win the lotto" sort of way) that when we win the lotto, we will open a yarn shop. It will be called Knot Loose Ends, I have the website already, though it's not exactly, um, the prettiest or most functionally wonderful thing in the world, but I own it. You can see - . There are pics of Gnombert, and a place where I want to have stuff up for sale from all our gals, etc. I have an email there, etc.
Some of the things we crochet gals have started discussing things like how we want our shelves to look, sale promotions we'll have, classes, decor, library, and on and on. We had kind of always wanted an upstairs downstairs so we could have library and classes upstairs with the yarn shop proper downstairs (there is a point, I promise). Recently I brought up wanting to have an offshoot where we could sell our already made stuff - like a year round craft show! A place for people to buy handmade gifts without having to do the handmade bit themselves. In Brandon (the city that is close to me) there has been this antique shop on one of the main roads that has always caught my eye. Upstairs downstairs with an offshoot. I was telling the girls a couple weeks ago that it would be perfect, and that once the little old lady that owns it dies maybe it will go up for sale and we'll win the lotto and buy it. Great plan, huh? I thought so too! Well, except for the dead part, but I figured that'd be the only way it'd go up for sale. However, on my way to work on Friday what did my eyes spy? A for sale sign out front! My first thought was Here is my Sign! I bought 2 lotto tickets. When I got to work I called my Mom to ask her about the property (she's a realtor for Century 21 Sunshine and would LOVE to help you buy or sell a house. I have her number if you need a realtor, she's very nice.... and not only am I not just saying that because she's my Mom, but she's not even paying me to say it!). $455k, 4201 sq ft, 17 rooms. Big front porch (I was trying to find the mls but was unsuccessful. Sorry) just begging for rocking chairs. I havent been inside but it's so pretty from the outside. Not an inch of stucco or a palm tree on the property (that I could find, anyway). So I figured I was destined to win the lotto. Nope. 2 numbers - one on each ticket. Which sucked, but you know, now the worst thing that's happened in the last couple days.

Saturday I spent some time with Jake, doing math problems that he loves, doing a little shopping, and all that. Travis comes home early and says "Hey, let me lay down for a little bit and we can go to Epcot this evening for supper and to see the lights. Call Kerry and Hans to see if they want to meet us." See, I'm sure that without that last sentence all would have been fine, but for some reason us meeting with Hans & Kerry when it does not involve our house ALWAYS seems to be horrible. We've had migraines and vomiting and all that fun stuff (Both on Travis' part, poor guy) and this time was not different. We leave here at 4:30 to meet them at 5:30. At 6:30 we had gone 12 miles (it's about 55 total). There was an accident involving a mack truck in the middle lane and 2 cars in the fast lane. We had gone 2 miles in an hour - we were not making good headway. I had finally called them and said, you know I think we'll just turn around and go home. We were all hungry, and I'm very sorry and all that. About 15 minutes later we were past the accident, and the traffic going the other way (toward home)was backed up so we decided we'd just go anyway, but to Downtown Disney instead of all the to Epcot. "Hey Kerry, we're going to come after all, how does Raglan Road sound?" Raglan Road is an Irish pub that has wonderful shephards pie with a nice Guiness gravy. Yummo. About 15 miles later or so, we had a tire blowout. Not a little flat, but full BLOWOUT. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it tomorrow before we take it in. I am so thankful that I wasnt driving because I would have gotten us in an accident. I called Kerry and said something along the lines of "This is almost funny" and I can hear Hans in the background saying "At least her water didnt break". I told her to tell him to shut his mouth because yeah, the fates were not looking down kindly on us. Travis threatened him with bodily harm if my water broke. Travis puts the donut on the car, we drive to the next exit, eat at Perkins then go home. As we ate I had a couple contractions and Travis says "I'm gonna hunt him down, I swear I am". Poor Hans. Poor Travis - he just wanted to go out to get a little stress-free time with friends. Whoops. We just werent meant to see them yesterday. Or Epcot.

And now, the Bucs are losing. of course. I'm gonna lay on the couch, watch the crappy game, maybe knit a row or two on the sweater and take a nap. Please pray for me, who knows, the couch could try to eat me, or my water could break. If it's the latter, please call Hans and tell him to run! Thanks.

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Kerry Crochets said...

Yeah, don't know what to tell you about the bad luck that always seems to occur any time you're supposed to come here.... weird, huh? I swear I'm not putting any spells on you! I even stopped cleaning for you!!!