Monday, February 01, 2010

Updates... minus pics.

First off, Stephanie has raised $1,000,110 for Doctors Without Borders. !. !!. That is the magic power of the yarn community. That rocks, and I am so excited to have been able to be a part of it.

Secondly, I am still ignoring the boring boy sock, I have vanquished it from my knitting bag and it is in time out in my sock yarn drawer.

Third, with the publication of Purse-Onality Plus! and my showing off of said magazine, I have been commissioned to make 3 purses. And 2 baby blankets because they are so related. ?. I have no clue what the covers are gonna look like, waiting on input from the buyers. But at least this is giving me another chance to get some project pics of the purse... and yet another chance to show off the fact that I CANNOT COUNT TO 50. Nope. Chain 50, sc a bunch of rows and about 6 inches into it I start to think you know, this looks a little bit big. Hmm, that's odd. Let's count my stitches. 52 (plus the turning chain) so I actually chained 53. Sometimes I amaze even myself.

Fourth, related to third I am going to try to persuade baby blanket gal to let me do my quilty design so that I can write out the pattern as I go and have 2 examples of it - one of each gender. I will find out Wednesday night. If not, that's ok but it would be really nice to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Fifth, I cannot spell fifth (I did fith... ugh) but also I am doing some knit lace research for a little girl pattern floating in my head. I know I could do it in crochet and have it look like my vision but there's a Call For Submission for a book coming out for warm weather knits for kids. We'll try it and see what happens.

Can you tell that I'm gonna be too busy for any sock knitting in the near future? Yeah, me too. I'm ok with that. On a side note I cleaned out the "hidden" yarn corner. My "hidden" yarn corner was a pile-o-crap behind my stereo speaker 3 ft high. I rescued 5 project bags, 1 scarf-in-progress that I don't like, 4 un-used balls of yarn, 10 skeins of acrylic yarn in various stages of use including 1 connected to the Cliffyghan (which is also being ignored), my design notebook (which I really had been looking ALL OVER for), my 2 Pee-Wee Parka samples and the quilty babyghan sample that I had been ignoring but pulled back out so I could work on it more. Yeah. I took pictures but I'm too lazy to pull them off the camera. But... yay me for cleaning out the corner! Anyone need some acrylic?

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