Monday, February 15, 2010

CGOA and Kaitlyn

I finally broke down and joined CGOA (The Crochet Guild of America) again. I have tossed this around in my head for a couple weeks, weighing pros and cons and here are my thoughts.

I did not join for the camaraderie since that is what my Ravelry groups and Crochet Group are for. I did not join to take the Crochet Masters Program (yes, it exists) because a)It is not available right now and b)I'm happy being a "Professional Crocheter" and do not need "Master Certified" in front of that. I did not join to get a nifty new CGOA Member pin since I still have my old one.

I did join because they offer an Associate Professional designation, which is free, where they pair you with a mentor (and usually someone REALLY COOL!) and that mentor gives advice for aspiring designers and is available for me to ask questions of. I also joined because I would love to go to some of the Conferences (even though reality says that I'm too po!).

So... $65 of my designing money went to a 2 year membership. As soon as I get my login stuff I'll get moving on the AP thing and see where it goes from there.

Ahh, Kaitlyn.
As you know, I am doing a sweater for the Knitting Olympics and the Ravelympics (2 groups doing the same thing in different places). My sweater is called Kaitlyn and I'm testing it.

Kaitlyn had some directional issues with the size I'm knitting which have since been ironed out and now I'm working my way through her again, and right now I'm at about the 2" mark of the neck. It's a Top Down sweater, with raglan sleeves and a lacy bit down the center front. It. Is. Beautiful. Kudos to Christine who designed it.

She said I could post progress pics, so here you go... Kaitlyn #1:

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