Friday, February 05, 2010

Busy Bee

I have had a great week with lots to do and good times with old friends. I've had a meds scare, 1.8 lb weight loss and a pretty darn good report card from the 8 yr old. Life group and Crochet group - great conversation and some awesome design ideas that have been well received by those that I've mentioned them to. I heard from 2 old friends that I haven't talked to in 18 and 15 years respectivly. I had a day off work on Thursday with the intention of going to Disney with my hubby and/or doing some housework and ended up sleeping until noon... but it was great none-the-less.

That is a VAST improvement from last week with all the mourning.

How about a project update? Here ya go:
~boring boy socks - 80% done but has sizing issues and is being punished and will soon be forgotten.
~ladybug socks - 80% done, but I'm ignoring because of other things that I am working on.
~Submission Quilty babyghan - the center is done and now I need to do the 1 seam and crochet on the border.
~Submission Girls skirt - still in the planning phase, and I am so happy that my friend Margarita (aka Thread Queen) is willing to work on this with me!
~Ivy's baby blanket - I just got this commission decided on Wednesday and I've bought the yarn but have not started working on it. I will though... once the submission babyghan is done. It's a baby granny ghan so it will hopefully go quick.
~Commission purses - I have 1 started but these are on standby because the buyers have not told me what they want yet.

See... busy! I hope that your week has gone well. For those of you having troubles, I've got my LONG list of folks that I'm praying for, seems like my friends and family are all being attacked lately. I hope this passes, and the sun shines for them again soon.

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