Thursday, January 22, 2009


So my folks and brother will be her in T-24 hours.
My floor is mopped and my laundry is done.
My to do list is long...
vacuum (again), pick up toys (again), clean the bathroom, kitchen, Jake's bedroom (and make it sleep-worthy for an adult), Sean's bedroom and the back patio.
I am off work tomorrow and will do the above instead of sitting on my butt and working on the flag afghan.

This morning was freezing here. No, literally - it was 24 when I left the house this morning. I had to scrape frost off my windows with a credit card. No, I don't have an ice scrapper - I live in Florida!

My nose is still stuffy (hence the sniff above) and I hate it! I hope it disappears quickly so I'm not sick with company.

I really don't have anything more to report, but next post should have pics of my family enjoying their time in sunny Florida. Sunny. Ha!

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