Monday, January 19, 2009

The last 11 days, and then some.

Since I last updated I have had 1 day off and worked 88.5 hours. That was 11 days ago and does not count today's hours. It's been long and tiring and I need a nap, not like that is all that unusual. However, I do have lots to show. I will be brief and photoful. This begins at Sean's birthday "party" which was actually only us, my in-laws and brother in-law. Pretty pathetic, but he's 2 and I dont think he noticed. I will be putting up some video when I have more time, hopefully in the next day or so.

Boat Trip w/friends and family on 1/3 (me knitting a sock w/Sharon, Cliff and Sean driving the boat, and Jake spotting something really cool on the ground):

Haircuts for Jake and Sean:

Sean's Birthday (my big boys, cake, closeup of cake not un-scathed, presents):

This is Dave's gator hat and the one I made for his 4 year old that doesnt fit Sean... I made another one, and one for his other daughter but shocker... didn't take a pic. I have to make one for his wife and I will be done with blue, orange and white for a while.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll show you the SuperShow sock done and probably some other stuff. In other news, my folks and my brother are coming down on Friday. My house is about 80% clean enough. My brother will be on the bottom bunk with Jake on top. Poor brother. lol. LOL!!! It'll be fun. Bye for now.

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