Saturday, January 27, 2007

We're still here...

I have managed to actually be online and check bloglines and email about every other day but I have had a serious lapse in writing... sorry about that! I've been getting in a bit of driving which is good for saving my sanity! I've gone to the office a couple times, brought my angora baby dress out to the fair for competition (fingers crossed), and the grocery store. And although it does hurt just a bit on the incision spot in the evenings I think it's ok.

Jake has been spending a lot of time at the in-laws which is nice, but since Sean doesnt let me sleep more than 3 hours in a row at night, it still leaves me pretty tired. He does enjoy his brother somewhat, but I think he's looking more forward to playing with him, and I think he's rather disappointed that he cant really do that yet.

I finished Stacy's sweater, and I even took a picture but am too lazy now to show you. I hope to get a pic of her actually wearing it. I hope she likes it. I put it on me, and even though it's a medium and I'm, well, not, it fit-ish. It was a bit short on me but should be perfect on her. I do like it a lot and may make myself one too.

I had been working on a scarf too, but it's slow going. I think because it's pretty wide - wider than I like. It's easy crochet, double/single across, then single double across so its a nice looking pattern, but boring I think. I'd really like to finish it up before I start something else, and since I dont have a next project in mind, it just may work.

BTW, trying to type one handed isnt the easiest thing, let me tell you! Thats it for now, more when I can use both my hands!

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