Friday, January 05, 2007

Well, this is it....

For work anyway. In 3 days I shall be the mom of 2, and that is terribly exciting for me. I feel like work is going to survive 2 months without me, and all is right with the world. My desk is realatively clean, I've left instructions for the 2 or 3 people that will be being me when I'm gone and I have faith in them, and their ability to call me if something wonky happens. I havent tried to post to this thing from home with pictures yet, so that will be an interesting challenge, but thats fine, I'm sure I can figure it out.
The den is coming along swimmingly, but I forgot to take pics today or yesterday. Yesterday when I got home, all of the walls and the ceiling was primed. Then, after dinner Dad painted. The whole thing. The ceiling and trim is a pail tan and the walls a nice slatey blue. Today when I get home I should have a floor in there. Hopefully in the next day or so there will be a wall where the garage door is and no wall (or at least the door cut out) between the dining room and the new den.
Sean's room is doing well too. His dresser has all his stuff in it, diapers, wipes, etc check. The bed is together and has linens on it. I need to hang the curtain and get the chair in there and the lamp cleaned and put up. I think thats about it. Soon Travis will get the rest of his stuff out of the closet in there and into the new den, and after that he'll hang a bar so we can put in there what little hangup clothes an infant has!
That's about it on progress. I probably wont be posting until after I'm home from the hospital which should be Wednesday-ish. Wish me luck!

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