Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, actually we got back on Wednesday night but this is the first time I've had the chance to get on here.
Sean Joseph Fondren got here on 1.8.07 at 2:15pm. He was 6 pounds, 5 ounces and 19 inches long.
Here's the blog I wrote on Myspace on Thursday because I'm lazy, I'll also post some pics and new commentary (sorry to the folks that already read that one!).
Elvis has left the building... well, Sean has left his womb, but same diff, right - especially since Sean was born on Big E's b-day. I promise to write more later and you'll have to excuse any weird bits. It's 6am, I am on happy pills, running on a fraction of normal sleep (mostly not even Sean's fault, I just cant find a comfy position) and my head is too busy with the list of crap to do that's 3 miles long to formulate other thoughts. But anyway, with that disclaimer out of the way, here goes...
We got to the hospital at 11:30 on Monday for our 1:30 c-section. The very odd boy nurse (no, I forgot to take a pic, but I think trav may have it on video and I can steal a still from there, we'll see) had problems putting in my iv thing - apparently the perfectly good vein in my left hand was too pretty for him so he had to mess it up, then move on to the right hand which did much better. The right hand had the iv thing in it from 12:30 Monday to 2pm on Wednesday and all I see is the puncture mark. The left hand that had the thingie in it for 2 minutes is still purple. No, I'm not pleased. It hurts. URG! Oh, and speaking of not pleased, No sooner do I get my hospital gown on and get ready to get hooked to the fetal monitors - I start getting contractions. Like every 5 minutes. Who does that? Hrm. Moving on.

This was the first time I ever got to actually walk into an OR. It was the strangest thing, but very very cool. There was a surgical tech student that had me as her first sugery, she was very excited, and I thought it was neat to listen in on all the info the other lady was giving her - explaining instruments to her, teaching her how to scrub in propperly, telling her that my doc calls this one type of tool the "skinny scissors".
They did my spinal, it felt strange to feel my arse go numb! Once I was all prepped, they let Travis in, then they started. Apparently Sean was not wanting to come out because the had a hard time maneuvering him out - he was very sardine like. Once he was out, he cried for the sum total of about 30 seconds, thats it. He fell asleep when they were taking his temp. Taking his temp THERE! He doesnt cry much (or at least he didnt until we came home and tried to go to sleep, but thats for another post), which is a good thing, and when he does it never lasts for more than a minute.
My anestesiologist (I know I spelt that wrong, but what do you want) was very cool. She sounded just like a friend of a friend, and looked like one of the ladies from amc (livia for anyone that watches), very strange. But I lliked her a lot. When they were doing my tubal and Travis was over filming Sean, she and I chatted about a bunch of different things - I was far from freaking out about the surgery, but she made me really relaxed. I liked her bunches.

Um, after they were done, Travis headed to the room with Sean while the doc sewed me up, and when I got back to my room my Mom and aunt were waiting and Travis was rocking the baby. It was so nice, they stayed for a few miutes then it was a Noah style cavalcade to see the baby - two by two.

Jake got to hold him, he was very excited for about two minutes then said "Can you take it from me?". It's been Sean or baby brother for 4 months, but now it's It. He's so funny.
But all in all everything went well. My first thoughts when I saw him were 1) is it still a boy? and 2) he has red curly hair! Turns out it's mostly blond like my Mom's but in the light its got red in it, and the curls were just from being wet, it's pretty straight and fine now. He is very very tiny. Jake was 7lbs, 12 oz, and with this one a pound and a half smaller, it's just strange. Nothing fits him - we had to get newborn clothes for him.
You can see pics at or go here to see the hospital pics: - choose Sean F. and the password is fondren. That shirt is a newborn size. Not even 0-3 mos... Newborn. It eats him whole. too funny.
Anyway, we left the hospital Wed around 3, dropped off the script for happy pills then went to the in-laws for a bit, left Jake there to spend the night then home by way of Walgreens to pick up the pills.
I got to see the new room almost done - it looks so nice, but that is for another post. I want to go to sleep now, let me think if there's anything I'm forgetting, nope, thats it for now. Good night, er morning and I'll post more later on.

A few new things to report - we went to the doc Friday and he was 6 lbs, 3 ozs, and 19.5 inches. So he's growing longer but weigs less - weird weird. I'm still pretty sore a lot of the time, and I only have about 7 or 8 more percocets left. In the hospital the nurse would give me 1 of those with 1 motrin (which is just IB like Advil) so I've been doing the same - 1 percoct and 1 advil. That seems to be doing ok for me... and stretching out the stash of drugs since I'm not taking the perscribed 2 at a time. And also, the engorgement, while giving me great porn star boobs hurts a LOT. Hopefully that will go away in a day or two because, yeah OWWW!
Sean pretty much has his day and night backwards. During the day he will wake up (and I use the term wake pretty loosly) just to eat, but at night he actually wants to stay awake. Today we are going to start trying to keep him awake during the day more, and we'll see how that goes.

Here's a few more pics, then I need to go pass out. Percoet may use drowsiness and/or dizziness. Yep, it doesnt lie.
My 3 boys:

Gnombert helping me order lunch (mac n cheese & chicken fingers)
The newest crocheter!
Ok, thats it, I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. More later on, I promise!

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