Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New website...

As an assignment in my designers class (knitgrrl.ning.com - designers 101) we had to re-vamp our blog/websites. Since I created my new website - www.hooknstick.com and my new blog - hooknstick.blogspot.com they were not cohesive at all, and I still post to this blog about everything (knitty and not) I really need to shape them up.

So, I'm stopping hooknstick.blogspot.com (I'll try to move the posts over) and keep all the design stuff on the www.hooknstick.com site. I'll still update here, of course, but go there and let me know what you think!

My socklet pattern is done and sent, my eye mask pattern is done and emailed with the snail mail package to follow soon and I have to finish up my proposal for the lbd REALLY quick so I can get it started.

Jake's doing ok, today was day 2 at school and his first legal ditch of PE. Doc follow up says he's doing fine.

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