Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home and stuff and all

We escaped the hospital on Monday morning, and no surgery. Yay!! He's doing much better, walking upright and not really in pain so that's a good thing. Lacerated spleen. Crazy stuff. His limitations per doctor's orders: no school for a week, no PE for 6 weeks, no bike/skateboard for 12 weeks. Not a happy boy! Especially since for his birthday on 6/19 he wanted to go to the Skate Park.

This week has been Spring Break (handy since he couldn't go anyway) and we haven't really done much - stayed home and let him go outside with his friends but stay off wheels. It has been a pretty crazy week though, my Grandmother is still pretty bad but hanging on at the nursing home, a friend of mine's Mom died today, another friend's little girl has been in the hospital for some unknown tummy issue (think she's getting out tomorrow so yay!) and I have not finished the pattern for the socklets that are due in a couple days.

I also need to get a sketch and proposal for the lbd that I'm working on so I can submit it and get working on it. I really like the concept and I am excited about it.

And finally... I'm a dot com (sorry for swipping Christine!). My new website is It's not very fancy schmancy but it will get there.

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