Friday, March 05, 2010

Well that was interesting.

Yesterday morning I got laid off from my job. Yes, it sucks but mainly because I really loved doing what I did. I was a meeting planner for an association and it was SO much fun! I also have one of the best friends that I've ever had there. It is a sad thing but I am confident that something better is coming. I will take this opportunity to work on my designing - you never know what'll happen!

SO, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Not so much to find a job (although if something awesome comes I'll be thrilled) but more for clarity and direction.

The past month or so I have had so many design ideas and I've been really trying to make the time to swatch and sketch what's been in my head (and in my notebooks). I've begun to see design elements everywhere and I believe that this is why.

Oh, I finished Kaitlyn the other night and wore her yesterday to work. I haven't had a pic taken of her completed but I am going to give her a wash first to see if I want to do anything with the collar or if it will relax enough as it is to not be wonky.

So that's it for me for now.

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